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Association Québec San Diego

Association Québec San Diego
2009 St-Jean Baptiste
2009 Cabane à Sucre
2008 Souper de Noël
2008 Epluchette de blé d'inde et Rally
2008 Picnic au Vignoble Orfila à Escondido
2008 St-Jean Baptiste
2008 Cabane à Sucre
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Liens Utiles
Sierra Club Rules


ALCHOOL/DRUGS - No hard liquor or illegal drugs are allowed in the cabins or surrounding areas. Violators will be barred from the use of the lodge. Beer and wine are acceptable, in moderation.
CLEANUP - Cleanup is to be shared by all parties utilizing the cabins. There is a signup list and chose list for each cabins. The sponsor of the group is to ensure completion of cleanup, in and around the large cabin.
COMMERCIALIZATION - The lodge will not be used to promote, or advertise commercial or private business. Business cards, flyers, calendars, refrigerator magnets or any other advertising is prohibited.
DAMMAGES - Any damages by any guest who is a member of a group attending the lodge, including children, will be absorbed by the group sponsor.
ELECTRICAL ITEMS - Please leave these at home due to the fire hazard they present.
FIREARMS - No firearms or weapons of any kind are permitted in the cabins or surrounding areas.
FIREPLACE - The fireplace in the large cabin can be used for wood fires. Please do not allow children to start or tend fires in the fireplace, and do not start a fire on the last day of cabin use. Please leave the ashes in the fireplace, as they will be removed the following week by the hosts, and need time to cool.
FIRES - Forest Service policy dictates there are to be no fires allowed outside anywhere without a permit. Based on our permit, the following rules apply:
  • Barbecues or hibashis are not allowed. Gas or propane are OK in the picnic table area with the host's discretion.
  • Fire ring may be used for a campfire. The Host is ultimately responsible for the fire and MUST BE PRESENT when it is in use. A charged water hose must be alongside the fire at all times, and the fire must not be left unattended. Children are not allowed to start or tend fires. Please do not make open fires on last day of cabin use.
FIREWOOD - Use the wood sparingly; do not keep a fire going all night. We may not always have plenty of wood.
GREASE - Grease is not to be poured down sinks or out on the ground, rather, poured in used coffee cans or other suitable container and disposed o at home.
HEATING - The large cabin furnace is set at 68 F by the Lodge Host when needed. The small cabin residents use a wood burning stove as needed. When in use, keep water in the kettle for air moisture. Keep a ball of aluminium in the kettle to prevent rust.
LIGHTS - Please be energy consious and turn off lights when not in use.
MATTRESSES - Foam mattresses are for use on the floors of the cabins, and create a thick hazard when removed from the buildings and placed outside.
MOTORCYCLES - are prohibited from use on trails and are not to be driven near the cabins.
PARKING - All vehicules are to be parked facing out of the parking area. Vehicules are not to be parked outside the cleared parking lots. Groups are strongly encouraged to carpool as parking is limited to 60 vehicules.
PETS - No dogs, cats or other pets are allowed at the lodge or in the adjacent area. The wilderness belongs to the wild animals.
PORTA POTTIES - Because of the limited capacity of our septic system, it is necessary to require large groups to rent porta potties. A Lodge Committee member orders the delivery; the group pays the company directly. Groups consisting of 40-49 people require one porta potty; 50-59 people require two porta potties; 60-69 require three porta potties; 70-75 people require four porta potties.
QUIET TIME - 10:00 pm to 6:00 am has been designated the time for quiet in the cabins. Please be quiet so as not to disturb those trying to sleep.
RADIOS/TVS - Radios and televisions are not allowed at the cabins. "Walkmans" may be used with headphones.
REFRIGERATORS - Please do not leave any food in the refrigerators. Upon leaving, clean and leave the refrigerators on at the lowest setting of coolness. We no longer turn the refrigerators off.
SANITATION - Buildings are to be swept, mopped and vacuumed prior to leaving. All dishes must be washed dried and put away.
SMALL CABIN - It is for open use by Sierra Club members and guests on a first come first served basis for sleeping. It may not be used by the group using the large cabin, unless it is a "closed weekend" approved in advance by the Lodge Committee.
SMOKING - Smoking is permitted only in the picnic table area and all butts must be picked up and disposed of properly by the smoker.
STOVES/OVENS - Stoves and ovens for cooking are located in each cabin. They are not to be used for heating and must be cleaned after each use.
TOILETS - Toilets are located in each cabin. Flush only for solid wastes, not liquid, since the septic tank cannot handle the volume and water is scarce. Feminine hygiene items create problems for the septic tank as it cannot decompose them. Please dispose of these items properly. When porta potties are present, use them primarly -- not the toilets -- especially in the daytime. All of this is for your fresh air and sanitation.
TRASH - All trash and garbage is to be carried home; do not burn in fires.
UTENSILS - Both cabins are well supplied or you may bring paper plates and cups. The Lodge welcomes all donations of those left.
WATER - Water is a precious resource in the mountains. Use as little as possible.
Foster Lodge does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, or handicap in its programs or activities.